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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Post: Top 5 Favorite Movies

Who wouldn't have their all-time favorite movie? I bet everyone has, including me. It can be of different genre like comedy, drama, action, horror, suspense and a lot more. In my case, I have too many  favorite movies on my lists and to that, I prefer to share  my TOP 5 favorite movies starting with:

# 5: Rush Hour 1-3

I love the perfect tandem of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan on this Rush Hour Trilogy. I am not so into watching action movies like fighting criminals, arresting mobs etc,etc,etc.. but this one is an exemption, and I can guarantee you a 100% laugh trip all the way. I really idolize Jackie for doing his own stunts. Two thumbs up for that!

# 4: Praybeyt Benjamin

I am fond of watching comedy movies, and this I swear is a super funny to the highest level. I know I'm a bit exaggerated, but this makes me laugh so hard 'till my tummy aches. I love Vice Ganda, his being a comedian is natural and I can say inborn as well. I recommend you to watch this if in case you still haven't seen the movie.

# 3: Hachiko: A Dog's Tale
This made me cry so hard broke my heart into pieces. I am an animal lover especially to dogs, and this story proves that dogs are indeed man's best friend. A story of loyalty, friendship and love circles this movie. A great movie to all animal lovers out there and a great story that tells us if everything else fails we don't know who will be there for us. No one knows, it can be our family, friends or even our pets.

# 2: A Walk to Remember
Who can forget Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan played by Shane West and Mandy Moore? An epic love story about miracle, relationship, and fate. A naughty guy falls for someone who is not the type of girl a campus celebrity would like. But in the twist of fate and power of love, a new love story begun. Love really moves in mysterious way.

# 1: Pursuit of Happyness
This inspiring, motivating, true to life story, impart a big  impact in my life. I have seen in this movie the twist and turns of life. It tells us never to give up in times of crisis and difficulties in our daily existence, and face this trials as challenges to hone us for the better. With perseverance and hard work hand-in-hand, our goals in life is just one step within our reach.
I recommend this movie to you guys for people who think of giving up is the only solution to their problem. A really, really, really great movie!

all images taken via: google images

What are your favorite movies? Share about it. Don't forget to comment it below.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Learn from your mistakes

I'm going to share to you guys my experience with a wallet lifter. It really saddens me that the money she/he got is not mine. The money is from my father which he earned by working so hard to sustain our daily survival. And with just a split of seconds it was gone.

I know I haven't been vigilant enough to secure my bag knowing that I am carrying a sufficient amount of money supposedly to be deposited in the bank. This afternoon, while I was riding a jeepney on my way to Banco de Oro. I am sitted near the entrance of the jeepney  with a female on my left and an old man on my right. I am pretty sure, that when I draw out two 5 peso coin from my wallet I zipped up my bag again.

Photo Credits to: Ms Roj of
By the way, the jeepney is somewhat similar to the photo above. Furthermore, I arrived at my destination, paid my fare, stepped out of the jeepney. I didn't even bother turning my head just to see if I left something or not. I just rushed to the bank and fill out the deposit slip form and handed it to the teller. And that is the moment of truth that shaked my world. My wallet is gone with the money, usb, key chain which happens to be a pasalubong from a friend and water bill.

I really don't know what to do. It's like I'm going insane. I wanted to shout, cry, go on hysterical, run after the jeepney. But what else can I do? The criminal is no where to be found. And I even don't know who made the criminal act. Is is the lady on my left or the old man on right? I really don't know. That's how  my experience with a wallet lifter. That is how fast their hands are in mugging their victims. Even with a number of people, they can really do their act.

Lessons learned:

1. Always, always, always stay alert on your surroundings especially when you are in a crowded place or surrounded by a lot of people.

2. Secure stuffs attentively. Notice unusual behavior around you.

3. Don't put important belongings like wallet, cellphones, digi cams etc.. on the shallow part of your bag. If possible, cover it or overlap the not so eye magnet things to snatchers like umbrella, notebooks, pens.

4. If it comes to worse, like she/he has bladed/deadly weapon, or maybe he has an acquaintance with him.  DON'T risk your life for money. Just give the items to them.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cooking 101: How to make an Egg Sandwich

Mabuhay readers!

Today, I decided to post about how to make an egg sandwich in 3 simple and easy steps. All you have to do is gather all the necessary ingredients needed.

Ingredients are as follows:

1. Eggs - this should be hard boiled,but be sure not to over cook the eggs.

2. Mayonnaise

3. Condensed Milk

4. Pepper


I: Slice/Mash the eggs (depends on what you prefer) on a clean container.

II: Add the mayonnaise and condensed. The amount of mayo and condensed depends on your taste. In my case, I put 2 tbsp of mayo and 2 tbsp of condensed.

III: Lastly, add the pepper for additional flavoring.
You can also add salt you like it to be a bit salty.

And don't forget the bread, the egg sandwich spread wouldn't be complete without it.
And there you have it. Egg Sandwich.

until my next update